Rapid Antigen Testing for COVID-19 with results in 15 minutes.

SwabMe, developed by BioU Medical, provides a comprehensive medical service designed to safeguard your business and community from COVID-19. Using Rapid Antigen Testing and direct medical oversight we provide results within 15 minutes and are with you at every turn.

How we can help your organisation

We help your business to…

Act Fast

Early identification of asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers reduces the risk of work-place exposure, protecting employees and their families. Our tests give results in 15 minutes.

Stay Safe

Regular testing at your business combined with the SwabMe platform protects the wider community from uncontrolled outbreaks and lockdowns.

Be Open

Reduce the risk of business closures as a result of COVID-19 and costs associated with mandatory deep cleaning, loss of contracts and perishable stocks.

Safeguarding Your Business and Community

We combine on-site screening for COVID-19 using Rapid Antigen Testing with a bespoke digital platform called SwabMe. By augmenting expert medical oversight with advanced app-based technologies we help to build a more secure COVID safe workplace whilst increasing the resilience and capacity of businesses and essential workers.

Why choose SwabMe for your organisation?

The Individual

SwabMe reduces your risk of being exposed to COVID-19 whilst at work through on-site testing. No need to travel and no wait times.

Your Business

With testing flow plans and regular on-site screening of workers, we provide business owners with a more secure workplace, peace of mind for you and your employees and the confidence to plan for the future.

Medical Support

BioU are a team of highly trained medical and commercial professionals. We will support you from our first site visit, through to Point of Care Testing (PoCT) and beyond with access to clinicians via the SwabMe platform.

The Test

The SwabMe screening is conducted on site using Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT). Results are ready in 15 minutes and available in real time via our bespoke app.